Q. How much will I have to pay?

If you haven't already, we would advise you to contact Social Services and ask them if you qualify for Social Services Funding. There is a threshold and if you fall below it then you will not have to pay for your care or in some cases contribute to the total cost of your care.

If you do not qualify for Social Services funding then we would be happy to provide care to you on a private basis.
We would ask you to contact the office and we can then look at your care needs and put together a care package that meets these needs. The cost would then be explained.
We have different charges for hours, half hours, weekends and Bank Holidays, so it really depends on what care package we put together.

Q. Do I have to contact Social Services?

This is your choice and if you would prefer not to then you can liaise with us direct by contacting the office.
We will send a Field Care Supervisor to visit you with your next of kin if you choose, and an assessment will be done to find out what care you need and how we can best assist you.

Q. How many care workers will visit me?

This again depends on the size of your care package.
We do however try to limit the amount of care workers you have, so you can build relationships with them. The only time your care workers will change is if the care worker is off sick, during peak holiday times, business changes and also sometimes at weekends. We try and allocate 2 care workers at weekends so they work alternately so you don't experience too much change.

Q. How often will I see my care worker?

This is entirely up to you.
We have Service Users who have a care package of half an hour a week for a shower and then some who have 2 care workers, four times a day for an hour each time with over night care too.
The size of your care package depends on what you want and what you need.

Q. I am worried about a stranger coming into my home?

All care workers are Police checked and we send off for 2 written references. They also undergo intensive training so they are given the skills to care for you properly to Government standards.
We are registered with the Government Body Care Quality Commission and inspected by them.
We are also one of the five Strategic Partners with Bath and North East Somerset Council. This means we were chosen by Bath and North East Somerset Council to be one of five providers to provide care to Social Services funded people in the area.

Q. Can I just have someone to do my shopping and housework?

Yes. We provide a domestic care service for a minimum of an hour.
The care workers can help you with a shopping list and then go and do your shopping and bring it back and put it all away. Alternatively, you could go with the Care Worker.
All money given is signed for and receipts are given and signed for when they return.
Care workers are also able to do light domestic tasks such as washing, hovering, dusting, etc but are not industrial cleaners, and are not allowed to move heavy furniture or hang curtains, pictures etc.
We ask that domestic visits take place after 1pm so that personal care can be done first.

Q. What if my care worker does not turn up on time?

When we meet with you, an assessment and support plan is produced detailing times and tasks which you require.
We ask that Service users give us half an hour either side of their allocated time to allow for traffic and unexpected delays.
If your care worker does not arrive on time, then please ring the office and we will be happy to call them and find out how long they will be.
If your care worker is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances then we will contact you and explain, so you know they will be bit late or we will ask another care worker to call if you need someone there sooner.
If your care worker is off sick then we will always try to contact you and inform you of this so you know who is visiting you that day.

Q. What if I am not happy with the service?

We regularly review our Service Users and during this time if any concerns are voiced then they will passed onto the appropriate person and resolved.
During the assessment process you will be given the Carewatch Bath complaints procedure and this will be explained to you. If you feel at anytime you wish to formally complain then you will have the information/process which you need.
We welcome Service User feedback and anytime you wish to make any kind of comment positive or negative then our office staff are always happy to listen.
Our Care Manager is always willing to come and visit you as well to discuss any concerns you may have.