Home Care, Bath

Receiving Home Care can be a very daunting prospect, even if it's for a relative or friend rather than yourself. It's something we tend not to think about until we suddenly find it is happening to us.

That's why we deliver Home Care in Bath in a way that is sensitive and respectful. We do everything we can to help our Service Users feel at ease and relaxed. Our staff are trained to appropriate levels, and only select Care Workers with the right attitude towards Home Care provision – namely that our Service Users' privacy and dignity should always be respected.

The right level of Home Care for you

We understand that the level of care you need is unique to you. Sometimes, a helping hand with the daily demands of your personal routine is all it takes to greatly improve your quality of life. Sit down with us and we'll expertly tailor your Home Care to your needs.

Our trained staff can also assist with more personal tasks such as:

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Bathing and showering
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Teeth and hair care
  • Medication
  • Meal preparation
  • Other intimate tasks

Flexible schedules

We also deliver Home Care in Bath that fits your schedule. We can arrange anything from a half hour visit to a waking night, seven days a week, between 7am and 10pm. (We also offer overnight care from 10pm – 7am.) And we make sure we allocate the right amount of time, using our 11 years of experience and care knowledge, so that our Service Users' needs are met.

For more information on Home Care in Bath, to chat to a member of our team, or to discuss costs, please contact us.