Each care worker employed by Carewatch Bath is party to a rigorous recruitment process.

Job Advertised
Application Form Completed
Successful? (if not, details held on file for 6 months)
References Sent
CRB Sent
Conditional Offer of Employment
Invited for Induction Training
Become a Carewatch Care Worker

Once a candidate expresses an interest in the advertisement place then they are invited in for an interview. The interview process consists of completing a detailed application form, answering a series of questions and giving 2 referees. If the care worker has worked in care before, then one of the referees must be the care employer.
The interview can take up to 1 hour; this is because we want to use this time to find out as much as we can about previous experiences and their preferences for the future. They are asked to bring, 2 forms of personal ID (Passport, UK driving license, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate) along with a proof of address that is dated within the last 3 months. We ask to see their NI card or a document containing this number.

Once the interviewer is happy with the outcome of the interview then references are sent off. Once satisfactory references have been received then a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Check will be sent off.
On receipt of the CRB the care worker is then invited into the office to attend training

All recruitment documentation is documented at every stage and kept on both care worker file (paper) and also on our password protected computer system.