Carewatch Bath is fully committed to ensuring that all of our staff receives comprehensive training to carry out their specified job role within the company to the highest standard. All training is delivered by our Training Manager and is completed in house. Each care worker attends a 3 day Orientation.

During these 3 days you will receive training in the following:

Welcome & Introductions to Carewatch Bath
Manual Handling
Medication Training
Basic First Aid
Catheter and Stoma Training
Food Hygiene, Infection Control and Health and Safety
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Dementia & Palliative Care
Delivering Personal Care and Shadowing

During the 3 days a number of subjects will be undertaken which will also cover the Common Induction Standards. This contains a number of areas of knowledge that care workers need to know about before they can work unsupervised. Managers have a duty to ensure new staff know enough to meet the required outcomes in each knowledge area. These areas are:

Standard 1 Role of the health and social care worker
Standard 2 Personal development
Standard 3 Communicate effectively
Standard 4 Equality and Inclusion
Standard 5 Principles for implementing duty of care
Standard 6 Principles of safeguarding in health and social care
Standard 7 Person-centred support
Standard 8 Health and safety in an adult social care setting

They are designed to be met within a 12 week period to enable care workers to demonstrate providing high quality care and support. It provides recognition for their work, and prepares them for entry onto future training and qualification.
Once the 3 day orientation is completed then the new care worker is allocated to one of the four Field Care Supervisors teams. The Supervisor or Senior Care Worker then goes out with the new care worker and introduces them to their new Service Users, shows them how to complete all the paperwork and shadows the new care worker until they are happy to continue on their own and it is deemed that the new Care Worker has the acquired knowledge.
During the shadowing the Supervisor trains the care worker in areas such as key safes, completing paperwork, catheters, medication and documentation. This gives the care workers the on-the-job training they need as it is different to learning in the office during orientation.
After 6 months, care workers are given the option to study for NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care.
Every year, refresher training will need to be completed by all Care Workers to keep their knowledge and training up to date.